Sunday, June 24, 2012

Organization: Jewelry!

     Ahh the age old question every girl asks herself when she's getting ready...WHERE THE HELL IS MY (insert jewelry item here)?!?!! This happens to me more than I would like to admit (mainly because I always leave it at the boyfriends house). I've discovered a few solutions that help me to stay organize and to get dressed faster and thought I'd share with you (aren't you lucky!?).

First thing: Necklaces.
     These go on first for me because they are the easiest and don't get in your way.  I found this great jewelry organizer at Charming Charlie. They have a ton of different colors and prints so you're bound to find one that fits your decor.

Second Thing: Bangles!
     Who doesn't love a good arm party?? I mean, c'mon seriously!  I was lucky enough to find this at a boutique's going out of business sale for only 5 bucks but you can probably find one just like it on eBay! It really has changed my bangle accessorizing for the better.

Third Thing: RINGS.
    Rings are my jam. I love them. They seriously make me feel like a rockstar. I love wearing them especially when I am typing...I know it's strange but it just makes writing papers and what not just feel so much cooler. This awesome (and a little bit creepy) hand was given to me from my sister when I moved away to college.

Fourth Thing: Purses.
    Whether your into giant hobos or small clutches or even backpacks (hey I'm not judging, rock 'em if you can!), purses are probably the most difficult thing to store and organize. Over the years I have found what works for me and that is what you see below. I keep my current obsessions on my coat rack right by the door, easy to see and grab when heading out. All my other bags I keep in my closet on a bookshelf on top of a shelf (instant storage without spending a ton on those fancy closet systems!) They are organized by color and use, with the least used on top and the more used on the bottom (sorry no pic of the closet, it's a little hard to get in at the moment but I pinky promise an apartment post soon!)

My Louis Vuitton cross body was my first designer bag I got at age 11. It's a hand me down from Mom. It is still my favorite bag. 

AND finally, the others: hats, scarfs and headbands are thrown in a storage bin in my closet (I don't wear them too often, unless it's cold out, which is never.)
The only REAL accessory a girl needs is a cuddly cat. 

     So that's it ya'll. Organization is awesome. It really does a soul wonders to be organized and have everything (even little things, like rings) in their place and easy to find. It makes getting ready so much better. I mean, seriously, who wants to spend their time getting ready looking for things?! Not this girl. I'd rather dance.  And with that, I bid you good luck on your organization endeavors and remember think creatively, look for inspiration, and don't stress. Adios Amigos.

(You may ask yourself "where does she store earrings?".  The answer is, I don't wear earrings. My holes closed up about two years ago but the earrings I do own are on the flip side of the necklace holder from charming charlie.) 

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