Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Long Hair, Don't Care.

I grew up always wanting to grow my hair out like Ariel from the Little Mermaid and I finally did. This past weekend though I bid farewell to my mermaid long locks and hello to a shorter (at least for me) hairdo. And it feels so good! I can finally blow dry and straighten my hair and my arms don't feel like they just worked out.

On a different note, I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and found lots of good deals on black Friday (I sure did!!)

(P.S. I finally got a new camera and I can't wait to share my photos with you!) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Item Three Ways: Burnt Red Corduroy Pants

I have been on the hunt for some awesome corduroy pants, specifically in a burnt red/brick/ brownish color and today I finally found some! But I got to thinking about the practicality of colored corduroy; can they really fit in my wardrobe already or will I have to buy new shirts just to go with them?  So like any young women as soon as I got home from the mall I started making outfits (I like to rationalize my purchases like I'm sure most of you do!). Much to my surprise I could make so many outfits with my new burnt red corduroys! Below are some examples of the outfits I made :

Shopping Day Corduroys!

Glam Corduroy

Pair colored (in my case burnt red) corduroys with a neutral color sweater  and sparkly necklace. I've been lusting over these boots for sometime (they are super fun!) and I think they would go fabulous with the corduroys. Top it off with a felt hat and a pink lipstick and you're ready to hit up the stores for all those holiday deals.

Rocker Corduroys!
rocker cool

If you're having a rocker type of day, corduroys can be the perfect alternative to leather leggings or jeans. Pair it with a denim button down with cool details and an armful of bangles. On your feet wear leather motorcycle boots. To finish off the look, wrap an infinity scarf around your neck and exchange your knitted beanie for a faux fur one.

Party Corduroys! 

Party Pants!

Corduroys may not be the typical party pants but I believe that with the right outfit they can totally be party pants! To dress up corduroys wear a sequined covered t-shirt and a patent leather nude pump. Wear some sparkly earrings and add a pop of color and fun with a bright colored clutch.

So I say colored corduroys are awesome and I cannot wait to rock some of these outfits this fall. They are not only a nice alternative to jeans they can be very practical, even in bright colors. What do you all think? Will you be sticking to jeans or opting for corduroys this winter?

These aren't my EXACT clothes but they are similar! ( I mean seriously I could NOT afford a sweater from the row but a girl can dream!)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Yay or Nay: Ponchos!

Is it a giant scarf? Is it a blanket? No, it’s a poncho! With the cold weather quickly approaching the need to find comfy outerwear is here.  While most girls will lean towards pea coats and leather jackets, I challenge you to wear a poncho! It is the perfect combination of a snuggie and a warm coat.  Ponchos are comfortable and warm. So whatever you call it, poncho or cape, I say let’s rock them this winter!
Via Polyvore

Now don’t be afraid to take the fashion risk, below is some awesome outfit inspiration:

Holiday Party Poncho:
 Via Polyvore

Jazz up the poncho trend but sporting a vintage inspired lacey see-through number. It’s the perfect addition to any strappy holiday dress. Keeping with the vintage feeling of the poncho pair it with back seam tights and a feather headband.   With this poncho you will be the star of the party!

Weekend Poncho:
Via Polyvore

For the weekend opt for a printed poncho with jeans and tall boots, it’s the perfect mix of comfort and style!  It also transitions nicely from running around town picking up Christmas presents to relaxing by a fire drinking hot cider with friends.

Lazy Day Poncho:
Via Polyvore

When it’s a lazy day (we all have them!) opt for a sweater poncho. This one is perfect. With the turtle neck you won’t even need a scarf! Pair it with printed leggings and a warm white thermal. For your feet wear a slouchy sock and weather boots for mucking around campus after a snow storm. And don’t forget to top it all off with a furry hat to keep your head warm. 

So let me know what you all think?! Is it a yay or a nay? For me it's a yay! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Welcome to my world!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog, Felix and Leo! Here is where I will be sharing everything from outfit ideas to apartment decorating to photography and even my attempts at cooking! I hope you enjoy : )