Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bad Little Blogger!

(Duchess is the real mastermind behind it all hehe )

     So it turns out I am not the blogger I thought I would be... I started this blog with the intention of writing every day (or at least once a week!) but as it turns out I haven't. You see, I have been in a rut, a post-grad lifestyle rut if you may. So here it is my  blogger declaration of writing more often: I, Catie, owner of the blog Felix and Leo promise to write at least once a week. If I don't then there will be no chipotle for that week! (JUST KIDDING, I could never deprive myself of that! but seriously, I promise to write more.) And with that being said... it's time for me to get writing.  Adios Amigos!

(I realize I said something similar before but this time I REALLY mean it!) 

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  1. Keep your promise! I love reading your posts!

    Miss you! I want to write blogs & eat Chipotle with youuu.


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